Derta Enerji


" More Energy, More Power "


Derta Project Engineering Electricity Construction Industry and Trade Limited Company was established in 2015. Our company, which has entered the energy sector rapidly, has grown in a short time by taking the right steps and working with the right companies.

Our company, which undertakes to provide 24/7 quality service wherever energy is required, with High Voltage, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, Power Transmission Lines, Factory Electrical Facilities, Infrastructure Electrical Works of Public Housing and Sites, Public Institutions and Organizations, Electricity Tenders and City Networks has successfully completed the facilities it has undertaken and has gained a reputable company status in its region and industry.

In addition, it has certified that it is worthy of this quality with the Customer Satisfaction Surveys it has conducted with all the companies it works with.

We thank all of our devoted staff, partners, customers and stakeholders.

Best Regards.


To be a reliable solution partner in the electrical contracting and energy sector, wich our customers and employees will always prefer and be proud of working with us.


To fulfill the suggestions, requests and complaints from our customers in the field of energy with quality, dynamism and an innovative approach.


In electrical energy and related hardware works, we fulfill requests from customers on time, completely and with all legal processes completed. We quickly resolve external demands in line with customer satisfaction. We will never give up our understanding of quality in fulfilling the demands of our customers quickly and safely.

We will be available as corporate executives at any time of the day, we will be always open to requests, suggestions and complaints from our customers. We will continue our works in line with the strategy of continuous development. After the delivery of the works, our quality control responsibility will continue and we will continue the necessary works and processes without causing the slightest customer dissatisfaction.

We will ensure that our company employees receive their training both personally and professionally. In our work, occupational health and safety rules will be followed at the highest level and maximum effort will be made regarding the use of necessary personal equipment.

We will meet the requirements of the standards taken as basis in the establishment of our management system, and provide the necessary resources to fulfill the specified commitments and to continuously improve the performance of our management system.